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Summary: Learn how to use the methods of the Worksheet Function object in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) so that your code can access the power of the worksheet functions in Microsoft Excel 2010. Excel | Mark Roberts, Microsoft Corporation Contents The Worksheet Function object makes most of the built-in Microsoft Excel 2010 worksheet functions accessible to you as methods in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), so you don't have to keep reinventing the wheel. The New Record macro in Module1 of the Worksheet Function sample workbook adds a new record to the Employees worksheet and assigns the next available ID number by using the Max method, which produces the same results as the This macro works well when no numbers in the first column are below the table of Employee data. Entire Column) 1 End Sub The Summary macro gives you summary information for a selected range of cells.In this article Overview of Using VBA Methods to Access Excel Functions Assigning the Next Available ID by Using the Max Method Displaying Summary Information for the Selected Range Creating a Table of Monthly Loan Payments Displaying a Sum Based on Multiple Criteria Cleaning Data by Using the Trim and Proper Methods Conclusion Additional Resources Published: June 2011 Provided by: Dr. Although you can access the Worksheet Function object through the Application object by using the Worksheet Function property, doing so is not necessary for VBA code written in an Excel workbook. Also, it always returns the next maximum number, without replacing any lower numbers that have been deleted. Select ' Determine the maximum value in the column and add 1. The initial lines of the Summary macro select the Employees worksheet and then prompt the user to select the range of data to chart.Instead, we'll create another pivot table, with just the short list of cities, and use programming to change the selections in the main slicer. Follow these steps to set up the short list of cities. With worksheet protection, you can make only certain parts of the sheet editable and users will not be able to modify data in any other region in the sheet.Note: Active X controls, form controls, shapes, charts, Smart Art, Sparklines, Slicers, Timelines, to name a few, are already locked when you add them to a spreadsheet.A password prevents other people from removing the worksheet protection—it needs to be entered to unprotect the sheet. View scenarios that you have hidden, making changes to scenarios that you have prevented changes to, and deleting these scenarios.Users can change the values in the changing cells, if the cells are not protected, and add new scenarios.

For example, when using the SUMIF function directly in a workbook, Excel displays .

The reason is that you might need to use the Excel worksheet functions from code running in other applications. The following listing shows the complete code of the Summary macro. The first line of code calls the Insert Sheet macro, which adds a new worksheet and prompts the user to name it.

For example, if you add three content controls to a Microsoft Word document, open the VBA code editor, and set a reference to the Microsoft Excel 14.0 Object Library, you can then write code such as the following. Sub Summary() ' Displays the sum, average, and count of the selected range. Input Box(Prompt:="Select range of values to summarize", _ Default:=Selection. Select ' Use Count, Sum, and Average worksheet functions ' on the selected range. The following two lines prompt the user to provide the loan amount and APR.

But the lock will work only when you enable sheet protection.

See the subsequent section for more information on how to enable sheet protection.

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